I lift my pen up from my journal and take a glance around the room to study the arbitrary figures lying within my proximity. A sophisticated woman to my right grasps a glass of Scotch, while a young man to my left is nudging onto a short and stocky regular at the bar. An older gentleman a few stools over is passed out cold, with no plans of returning to his consciousness any time soon, it seems.

I take a drag from my cigarette, then bury it into the ashtray lying in front of me. I swipe my peanut shells…

A sappy reflection on LSU’s National Championship win.

Photographer: Abby Kibler

My earliest memory is the same story as my need for glasses: a careless scratch to the eye at an LSU tailgate party, while I laid on the ground sobbing as boozed old men towered over me, frantically searching for the nearest beverage that wasn’t beer to flush my eyes out. My vision has, somewhat laughably, become progressively worse as the years go by — bearing me embarrassingly thick lenses and “oh my god, you’re so blind!” remarks from friends sitting next to me upon realization of my poor eyesight. …

Mikail Çiftçi

A PSA to teens in regard to our overconsumption of tech.

A few days ago, I sat down to read a novel, an activity that I’ve enjoyed for a large portion of my life. I picked up Ghachar Ghochar by Vivek Shanbhag and was three pages in before I realized that I had my phone in my hand, mindlessly scrolling through memes on Twitter. My warped behavior and frenzied headspace embodied the rise of modern-day tech and how our dependence upon it affects our manner of thinking.

I recently finished reading Nicholas Carr’s The Shallows, which began to offer an explanation for my predicament. Dozens of studies conducted by highly educated…

And it involves white supremacist terrorism.

The nation’s eyes are fixated upon Texas today. Twenty-two people died, and more than two dozen were wounded inside an El Paso Walmart — making this the eighth deadliest mass shooting in American history.

The most chilling piece of information available as of now is a four-page manifesto essay (allegedly) written by the shooter. There isn’t any need to read this, though, as the exact themes, words, and motives can all be found within Donald Trump’s campaign rallies.

The main motivator to commit mass murder was in “response to [the] Hispanic invasion of Texas.” The gunman drove nine hours to…

Men: Women are so insensitive. Stop being such snowflakes!

Gillette: Men, we can be better.


Gillette released a short film four days ago, and it already has racked up 19,000,000 views, 500,000 likes, and 940,000 dislikes. If you’ve been living under a rock lately and somehow haven’t seen the video or the controversial uproar about it, I’d suggest you take a look first.

Gillette’s new short film addresses topics like sexual harassment, bullying, and toxic masculinity…

Moving away from Louisiana — the small adjustments.

My only regret about moving to Texas was leaving behind all of my beloved Cajun traditions and culture. My family and I try to make trips down to Louisiana as often as we can, and because we still have doctors that we have yet to change and friends too close to forget about, it makes the occurrence of these trips a little easier. This week, we took a trip down to my former home, Lafayette, Louisiana, and I could not help but think of all the minor things that I either had to adjust to, I noticed, or merely missed…


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